Timber species and products


Steady and stable supply of consistent quality Logs by Woodtrade GM AG ensure best results for our customer. Sourced from our selected partners in Cameroon and Central Arica they are the ideal raw material for custom tailored products.  


The mayor lumber commodities like Ayous, Sapelli are steadily available in constant high quality to meet your expectations and allowing optimisation of further processing costs. 

Semi-Finished Products

In the industrial carpentry of our exclusive partner company in Cameroon we can offer all kind of further processed goods as laminated scantlings, edge glued panels, decking for exterior use and many other items on demand. Our industrial know-how will guarantee best implementation for inside or outside applications. 

Wooden varieties

Our forests offer a large number of species with remarkable properties and an enormous variety of textures, grain and colour. We produce to your order advising best solution to meet your most demanding requirements. 
We produce to your order advising best solution to meet your most demanding requirements. 


Acajou / Afrormosia / Ayous / Bosse / Dibetou / Doussie / Iroko / Kosipo / Lotofa / Moabii / Okan / Padouk / Sapelli / Sipo / Tali
For other species consult: